Thursday, June 8, 2017

One again a correction: this is the final connection Blog! As I did in the reflection blog post, I am going to discuss the book as a whole since I discussed the final chapter last time. The novel Sophie's World is full of connections to the real world and to class. Everything we read in the novel usually connected to our cirriculum exactly, including philosophical ideas, philosophers, philosophical systems and stories, and more. In regards to the real world, the novel talked about many things that relate to society and life on Earth. Some of these things include; fate versus freewill, the great religion debate, are we really real, life and death, seize the day, and much, much more. To pick one connection specifically, I will choose Seize the day! (Carpe Dium), since we discussed it in class this week.I don't entirely believe in this way of thinking, because I believe the future is just as important as the present. Sure, you don't want to suffer today just to be maybe be happy days from now, but I do think that you can't just relax and be happy today because then you won't tomorrow. I believe that a mixture of pleasure today and work today will lead to a prosperous and pleasurable tomorrow! This connects to the real world, because many people will work way too hard today in order for the better tomorrow. Some people will work there life away and miss many experiences. However on the other hand, some people don't work enough at all, which leads to never being able to truly be stress free or relaxed. I'd say the way to live is by the wise words of the greatest philosopher of all time.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!" - Ferris Buelher
In the end, a mixture of work for the future and fun today is what I believe is the key to happiness. All in all, our class and our novel had many connections to the real world throughout the year, and it has opened my eyes to many ideas that affect myself and the world.

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